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Hairdresser's Business Coach BIZ HAIRSTYLE

Take a look at the BIZFRYZ channel - a space dedicated to hairdressing enthusiasts who want to achieve success in the business sphere! As a Business Coach specializing in the hairdressing industry, I share essential knowledge and practical tips to help you discover the full potential of your hair salon.

Join the BIZFRYZ community! Together, let's discover the secrets of success in the world of hairdressing! Let your salon shine not only because of perfect hairstyles, but also great business results.

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EKF Instructor Dawid Malczyk
Training, advice, assistance at all times. I am here to make your work with GLYNT brand in the salon run smoothly and seamlessly!


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tel. 531 072 388


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For 2024, we have planned a number of wonderful, valuable training courses on coloring, styling, haircuts for both women and men, and techniques. Professional craftsmanship, in-depth and economical knowledge are the basis for the success of your salon. Seminars from which each participant will get the most. We want to support you in staying up to date in all topic areas. During our training, we attach great importance to ensuring that you receive very specific benefits in your everyday work and can immediately start implementing them. ​ Plan it with us!



This training is created especially for people who want to get to know the brand and understand why it is one of the most prestigious brands in the hairdressing industry. In this training you will learn:

1. You will learn about the history of the GLYNT brand and its evolution in Poland. You will understand how GLYNT combines the best of science and nature.

2. You will discover that GLYNT is not just about hair products, it is a whole concept and approach to hair and scalp care.

3. You will learn how to effectively present and sell GLYNT products, which will help you increase customer loyalty and earn additional income.

4. You will learn marketing tools and support that will help you promote your salon and attract new customers.

5. You will understand how GLYNT cares for the sustainable development of its products, using renewable plant raw materials and respecting the environment.

6. You will learn about the GLYNT SHADOWS coloring system, which offers maximum freedom and individualism.

Price from:




In this training you will learn:

1. advanced color knowledge

2. the mathematical point of view of color

3. color design

4. color analysis

5. professional client consultation

6. features and benefits of conscious use of pigments

7. effective coverage of gray hair

8. safe decolorization

9. ideal lightening foundation

10. toning - neutralizing unwanted shades

11. perfect blondes

12. intense shades (reds, reds and purples)

13. cool and warm browns

14. prepigmentation and repigmentation

15. pastel coloring and metallic coloring

16. acid coloring 

17. superblondes

18. advanced principles of colorimetry

19) Matt colors

20) Back to nature

21. proper grooming 

22. optical illusion, light and professional photographic presentation of the model made. How to take good photos of your work for use on Social Media.

Price from:




Training Topics :

How to sensibly plan and execute forms that fit the occasion,

How to build volume,

How to use fillers and combine textures.

Different techniques for curling waves and curls on curling irons and straighteners

Simple and quick updos

Resale of home care and styling products

Creating photos and videos for social media

Working on models

Groups of 6 - 12 people


Universal knowledge that you will successfully apply to the classics and the avant-garde. During the training 2 hairstyles will be shown and worked off based on techniques:


Building volume with the use of fillers

Hair removal and combing of waves

Proper separation of strands





In this training you will learn:


1. Introduction to the creative world of coloring, care and styling of the GLYNT brand.

2. Selection of appropriate cosmetics for the client.

3. Creative use of cosmetics - multifunctionality of the brand

4. Resale in the showroom - possibilities and advantages of the products

5. Principles of colorimetry

6. Effective coverage of gray hair

7. Types of coloring and their application

8. Mixtones - application ​ The training is intended for people who are starting their adventure with the GLYNT brand or want to refresh their knowledge about coloring. ​


Take with you:

✓ comb with a spike

✓ modeling brushes

✓ dryer with an attachment


✓straightener/curling iron

​Price from:




One-on-one training for your entire salon on any of the coloring topics - Shadows Coaching, Blonde Coaching. We will come to you with all the necessary equipment to show you what interests you most. We focus on your individual needs and tailor the training individually for you.


See your sales consultant for details.


od 1999zł



​This topic brings together the knowledge acquired so far and triggers creativity. Nothing will stop you from creating your own ideas, and each hairstyle will be a unique design. Work will become more creative and satisfying. ​ Working on training heads. The head is included in the price of the training. Value of the training head (PLN 250)





In this training you will learn:


1. Types of GLYNT coloring and their application

2. Permanent coloring

3. Super brightening paints

4. Safe decolorization

5. Perfect brightening foundation

6. Effective coverage of gray hair

7. Soft-permanent and pastel coloring 8. Fast acid coloring

9. Mixtones - application

10. Prepimentation and repigmentation

11. Darkening and returning to nature

12. Lightening and decolorization techniques

13. Proper care when dyeing blonde

14. Differences and advantages resulting from working with GLYNT coloring ​


The training is intended for people who want to deepen their knowledge of blonde coloring and who want to learn techniques and tricks to create the perfect color. This topic is intended for hairdressers of all skill levels. ​


Take with you:

✓ comb with a spike

✓ modeling brushes

✓ dryer with an attachment


✓straightener/curling iron





​Business training for salon owners and managers. There you will learn how to effectively manage a team, the salon as a business and proper management from A to Z


1. How to sell without selling

2. Presentation of your business

3. How much do I earn from this?

4. A well-coordinated team - how to do it?

5. Man-orchestra or proper structure of responsibilities

6. Less is more

7. Building a brand - your salon is your brand!

8. How to motivate employees to want to work with you?

9. Price list - boring or something new?

10. See it through your customer's eyes.





Workshops on men's haircuts in intimate groups of 6. 


Details coming soon.



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