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GLYNT is a brand that inspires professionals and delights hair salon customers. Products are created
from a combination of the best ingredients with a scientific approach to hair care. We understand that perfect hair
it is the result of harmony between nature and innovation.


GRAHAM HILL is not just a cosmetics brand - it is a sensual experience and refined elegance. The products not only care for the hair, but also offer unique fragrance compositions. From a single blue lotus, through eucalyptus, to a red cedar tree - GRAHAM HILL combines the essence of nature with luxury.

Velecta Paris Nov 23 ENG.pdf.png

Professional hair dryers by Velecta® Paris have been meticulously designed to meet dual requirements. On one hand, they boast exceptional parameters in terms of drying quality. On the other hand, they provide unparalleled user comfort for both professionals and individuals: lightweight, quiet, ergonomic, and, of course, reliably durable. These high-quality hair dryers are what your hair truly deserves.


At Filupa, we always embrace what is authentic rather than perfect, creating products for real people, not just ideals. We love personal, close contact and continually strive to provide the best service. We craft natural, vegan, and allergy-safe cosmetics.

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