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​Our History

Our fascinating journey began in 2004, when we entered the dynamic hairdressing cosmetics market with passion and enthusiasm. Our first store in the bustling Jagiellońska Street in Szczecin was not only a place of sale, but also a symbol of innovation. We then introduced an innovative concept of wholesale sales of products from renowned brands such as Schwarzkopf and L'Oréal, which set a new direction in the industry.

Two years later, in 2006, we boldly introduced the Italian brand Itely to the Polish market. Although this cooperation turned out to be less fruitful than expected, it was a valuable stage of learning and experience for us.


In 2008, another significant moment came - we started importing and distributing the prestigious British brand Affinage, which strengthened our position as exclusive distributors in Poland. ​


2010 was a breakthrough year - we created the EKF distribution network, which changed our operations. An innovative approach to distribution and training allowed us to develop quickly, conquering the market with unprecedented momentum.


In 2012, we achieved our first million zlotys in sales, which was proof of our success and unwavering determination. ​ Unfortunately, in 2014 we had to face the challenge of the breakup and division of the Affinage brand into two smaller companies - ASP and Leyton House, owned by former Affinage partners. They began to compete directly with each other and this prompted us to redefine our strategy and end the distribution of two lower quality Italian brands. ​ Without waiting, in 2015 we established a unique cooperation with the German premium brand: Glynt, opening a new chapter in our history. This initiative resulted in the introduction of a turquoise management system in 2019, which revolutionized our approach to business, emphasizing that people are the heart of the company.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, our main instructor, Dawid Malczyk, gained international recognition, which allowed us to expand our educational activities throughout Europe. In 2022, we were honored as the best Glynt distributor in the world, which was confirmation of our world class. The brand's development was so rapid that by the end of 2023 we doubled the number of employees and started the construction of the EKF international logistics center. ​


In 2024, with courage and a vision for the future, we decided to rebrand and expand into new markets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, opening a new chapter of our multinational distribution platform. Our new mission and vision, which we will unveil soon, are sure to inspire generations to come. ​


Our company history is also a story of constant passion, perseverance, innovation and determination in pursuit of perfection. We never give up!



Our vision is an expression of our commitment to achieving higher standards of customer service by providing exceptional services that go beyond ordinary expectations. We pride ourselves on our ability to combine outstanding products sourced from the world's leading manufacturers with our deep knowledge of salon management. Our goal is not only to provide products like a traditional hairdressing wholesaler, but also to convey value through our expertise and ecological solutions for the industry. What sets us apart is our approach to recruiting and training our employees. Instead of traditional sales representatives, we invest in the development of real advisors. Our experts, thoroughly trained by qualified staff, become not only suppliers, but real partners for every hair salon, supporting them in their pursuit of perfection and innovation. What sets us apart is our approach to recruiting and training our staff. Instead of traditional sales representatives, we invest in the development of real advisors. Thoroughly trained by qualified staff, our experts become not just suppliers but true partners for each hair salon, supporting them in their quest for excellence and innovation.


Our company's mission is to revolutionize service standards in the hairdressing industry by providing unique, ecological products and innovative salon management solutions. We strive to ensure that each hairdressing salon we cooperate with can provide services at the highest level, using our expertise and the highest quality products. Our goal is not only to deliver products, but also to build lasting partnerships and support our clients in achieving their business goals. We believe that our clients' success is also our success, and our commitment to ecology and innovation contributes to positive changes in the industry.

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