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PRICE LIST 2024 ​ Individual training in your salon: PLN 3,000 net / day *the price includes travel and accommodation costs on my side ​ Group training at the Antoine academy: PLN 406 net / person (PLN 500 gross) See the academy: Online training (video call): PLN 200 net / hour



I work with clients who want to completely change their salon, starting from changing and designing a new logo and salon decor, but also with those who have a lot of work but do not earn as much as they would like. They are constantly looking for time for family and friends. I help you achieve your goal - A boss who has time - work less and earn more - that is, work smart, not hard! How? It's very simple - you'll see for yourself. My training is not about numbers and calculations (although that too) but primarily about building teams, relationships and structures within the company so that everything works and fits together. Your team must know why they are with you and what goals they are striving for. A motivated and well-coordinated "TEAM" will bring you more happiness and results. I lead clients by the hand both at the beginning of their adventure and in moments of problems and development. I am opening a network of salons for those who want it but don't know how to do it. How to create and manage several hairdressing salons? How to create a brand? How to create a new brand? How? I help build salons as "brands" that are phenomenal on the market and stand out in everything. Not only do I create unique services for you that no one else has in the city, but I help you create an interesting "different" price list that encourages rather than discourages you, I help you create accessories that others have never even dreamed of, and your salon will stand out from the local competition. I create brochures, marketing and long-term plans that turn an ordinary salon into a BRAND whose logo and name are memorable and tailored to you and your new company mission. Do you want to learn more - call me - I will explain everything to you: 533 478 811 or arrange a meeting online via Facebook! Come join us - you have nothing to lose, you can only gain!
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