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Monika Pasionek

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@Monika Pasionek Doradca Glynt


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​Since GLYNT and I met, we have been inseparable. I became a GLYNT advisor in Lesser Poland and we have been walking this path together since 2021. What makes me different? Sincerity. Simply. I often hear from you that I am the only or one of the few "pe-h" people, from whom you can count on honesty. I believe that universal values ​​such as honesty, openness and attentiveness to other people will allow us to build a stable business relationship based on mutual trust. ​ In my work, I try to notice what is unique in each of your salons. What makes you identify with this place. I try to look for the positives in every situation and highlight them, and look at the problem together. ​ In my everyday life, I focus on relationships. I do my best not to disappoint my hairdressers' trust. Sometimes I stand on my head if the situation requires it. I don't use standard solutions, but above all, I listen to you and your ideas. I'm also not afraid to say "no" if I have to. Honesty, mutual trust and common goal. It's a proven model. ​ The greatest satisfaction from my work comes from seeing how we develop together every day. How are your businesses gaining more and more momentum from month to month? How we set a plan, and how we see it working together. At the end of the year I hear, "Monia, it was hard, but it was worth it." The final smile of satisfaction on your faces is the greatest reward for me.

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