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Business Hairdresser Coach

Take a look at the BIZFRYZ channel - a space dedicated to hairdressing enthusiasts who want to achieve success in the business sphere! As a Business Coach specializing in the hairdressing industry, I share essential knowledge and practical tips to help you discover the full potential of your hair salon.

Join the BIZFRYZ community! Together, let's discover the secrets of success in the world of hairdressing! Let your salon shine not only because of perfect hairstyles, but also great business results.


I am an experienced entrepreneur, currently running several companies, although I became bankrupt at the age of
28 years old. After the failure of my life, I regained my financial freedom and built a several-million-dollar fortune. I am the one who today drinks health for those who didn't believe in me and the one who can help shape your perspective
in business (not just hairdressing) and life. Whether it's your career, relationships, or anything else that's important to you, I'll help you spread your wings and gain the skills to successfully deal with the
with the challenges and difficulties you may encounter in life and your business. I went through it and gave it a go
- You can too!
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Visit my social media, where I share a wealth of experience and knowledge gained during my tumultuous entrepreneurial journey. There you will find not only business inspiration, but also a motivational outlook on life
and its challenges. You are invited!



My clients ask for cooperation for very different reasons. Often it is the beginning of the adventure of this business

and it needs to be created, practically from scratch. Often, too, there are long-established businesses that need a change.... but can't see

which way to go. Others, meanwhile, are struggling with motivation, finances or a team. They want to grow but have no experience

and then they benefit from mine!


What does working with me most often lead to? 


1. creation of a new design of the company, setting the mission and vision of its operation

2. increase in sales of services and products even by 100%

3. better efficiency of employees and then already co-workers. What difference does it make? Read my blog!

4. Less work, more money and peace of mind. Conscious business in this sector is the key to selling services and goods that are profitable and not fashionable.

5. You can run your business in a whole new way - different than before!

6. coaching is not ready-made instructions. It is a collaboration on expanding your horizons and building financial independence

From your business or from your work.

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