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Let your hair enjoy the care it deserves while contributing to a more responsible world. Nordic Bio Brush - for beauty that cares about the future.

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At EKF, we are not just suppliers of hairdressing cosmetics - we are experts in the field we love. Our mission is not only to provide the highest quality products, but also to share our knowledge and experience with professionals in the hairdressing industry.


We are proud distributors of two prestigious brands in the hairdressing industry: GLYNT and GRAHAM HILL. We offer access to products that not only inspire, but also emphasize professionalism and perfection.


We are here to develop the professional development of hairdressers. We provide training, insurance and support to ensure that each switch is properly connected to its operation.


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Combining science with nature

We believe that effective products are the result of a harmonious combination of science and nature. That's why our cosmetics are carefully formulated using state-of-the-art extraction methods and the purest ingredients that respect both hair and the environment.

Our History

Our company history is a story of constant passion, perseverance, innovation and determination in pursuit of perfection.

We never give up!


We understand how important the security and stability of your business are. That's why we offer comprehensive insurance, tailored to the unique challenges and risks associated with running a hair salon.


At EKF, we value cooperation with hairdressing industry professionals, representatives and business development advisors. Our cooperation offer covers several areas that are aimed at mutual development and success.

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